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British & Canadian D-Day Experience
Full day group tour

09:45 departure from Bayeux (2018 Tours)
08:45 departure from Bayeux (2019 Tours)
100 Per person
  • Guided tour
  • 8 Hours
  • Tour in English
  • Free time
  • Free Wi-Fi


British & Canadian D-Day Experience - Full day group tour

Experience the main highlights of the British Gold & Sword Beach and Canadian Juno Beach sectors of the Normandy landing beaches. This full day tour is a perfect way to see some of the sites that the British and Canadian forces had to overcome on D-Day.

Main sites we visit

Longues Sur Mer, Mulberry Artifical Harbour, Gold Beach, Ryes Commonwealth War Cemetery, Pegasus Bridge, Sword Beach, Juno Beach and the Bayeux War Cemetery.


  • Maximum of 16 clients per tour
  • Guided visits with free time to take photos and explore
  • Rated number 1 on Tripadvisor - the worlds largest review site


Operates from April 1st until October 31st
Monday 09:45 - 17:45 Bayeux, Place de Quebec
Tuesday Does not operate
Wednesday 09:45 - 17:45 Bayeux, Place de Quebec
Thursday Does not operate
Friday 09:45 - 17:45 Bayeux, Place de Quebec
Saturday Does not operate
Sunday Does not operate
2019 Timetable - Operates from April 1st until October 31st
Monday Does not operate
Tuesday 08:45 - 17:45 Bayeux, Place de Quebec
Wednesday Does not operate
Thursday 08:45 - 17:45 Bayeux, Place de Quebec
Friday Does not operate
Saturday Does not operate
Sunday Does not operate
Please note that no services will be operating during the last two weeks of August
We close to allow our team to take some vacation time

Tour Map

Tour timeline

  • Meeting pointWe recommend arriving by 09:35

    We kindly ask that you be at the tour departure point at Place De Quebec in Bayeux at least 10 minutes before the tour is due to depart.

  • Meeting pointDeparture time

    We like to run on time and if you are not at the departure point by the advertised departure time, we will depart. There will be others on board that have arrived on-time and we do not want to impact their experience. If you do arrive late, you will need to take a cab at your own expense to catch up with the tour. We strongly advise you to arrive early for the tour as no refunds will be considered if you miss the service.

  • German gun batteryLongues Sur Mer

    This impressive gun battery position is the only position along the Atlantik Wall in this area of France that still has the guns in situ. We will explore the site together and you will learn about how it was built, how it operated and ultimately, how it was silenced.

  • Artificial PortMulberry Harbour B

    Arromanches was chosen as the location for Mulberry B Artifical Harbour; better known as port Winston after Churchill. We will show the impressive remnants of this amazing construction project and explain how significant this was in defeating the Germans in Normandy.

  • AsnellesGold Beach

    Gold beach was assaulted by British forces on D-Day. Their objectives were to move west and capture Arromanches and link up with American forces landing at Omaha. Move eastwards to link up with forces landing at Juno Beach and to move inland and capture the medieval town of Bayeux.

  • Commonwealth War CemeteryRyes

    On our way back to the drop off point, we will stop and show you the Ryes War Cemetery. This is a fitting end to this short tour where you will be able to reflect on the loss suffered by the British.

  • Lunch timeBayeux

    As we are very close to Bayeux, we will return to allow you to have lunch. Lunch is not included in the price of this tour so once we arrive, you will be given sufficient time to grab a quick lunch in this beautiful medieval town before we head back off for the afternoon part of the tour. Please note that the afternoon portion of the tour may be delivered by a different guide.

  • Airborne operationPegasus Bridge

    The capture of Pegasus Bridge in the British sector has to be the most daring raid on D-Day. The guide will explain the Airborne operation in this area and, why this bridge has been made legendary the world over.

    We will also explain the objectives of the Canadian paratroopers that dropped in this area of Normandy.

  • Multiple stopsSword Beach

    Follow in the footsteps of some of the brave British soldiers who landed at this site on D-Day to the sound of bagpipes. Together we will learn about the German defenses established here prior to D-Day and how the 3rd British Infantry Division, combined with elements of British Special Forces made this landing a success.

  • St Aubin Sur MerJuno Beach

    This seaside town is made up of many narrow streets and has impressive high sea walls. This is the landing site given to the North Shore New Brunswick Regiment and tanks of Fort Gary Horse. We will explain the strategy behind the assault and how the Canadian's triumphed. Here we will show some fantastic memorials and the remaining german bunker defences.

  • Bernieres Sur MerJuno Beach

    Bernieres Sur Mer is the location where The Queens own Rifles of Canada landed. The first combat assault waves suffered terribly. We will discuss the German defences at this location, the reason why the Canadian's suffered so many casualties and how they finally made movement in land.

  • Courseulles Sur MerJuno Beach

    At this location, you will hear about the Regina Rifles and Winnipeg Rifles. The is more evidence of German bunkers to explore and also a Sherman DD tank recovered from the harbour.

  • Graye Sur MerJuno Beach

    The exit at Graye Sur Mer was used as one of the exit points by Canadian troops after finally overcoming the German defences. Here you will hear the story of 1 Charlie (shown in the photo above).

  • Commonwealth War CemeteryBayeux

    For the last stop, we will stop and show you the Commonwealth War Cemetery located in Bayeux. As soldiers from all parts of the Commonwealth are buried here, we feel that this is a fitting end to this tour.

  • End of the tourBayeux

    We will finish the tour at the same location as we started. However, if you wish to be dropped off at the train station, please notify the guide after we depart the American Cemetery. Please note that we do not drop off at hotels.