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Due to the incredible effect the corona-virus is having on tourism, I have had to make some drastic decisions to protect Bayeux Shuttle. These decisions are not easy to make as it has affected our guide team.

Despite the dire circumstances we all find ourselves in, financially, Bayeux Shuttle is in a good position to ride this out. Our policy has always been to hold the money of clients in escrow until we have delivered the service. This means that the money you have sent us for tours for this season remains in tact. There is zero risk of you not being refunded if you have to cancel.

As we offer a 7 day full refund policy, there is no need to contact us now for cancellations for later in the year. As long as we are given 7 days notice, you will be refunded. Therefore, unless it is urgent to have your money returned, please wait until we have more news.

If you have contacted us for a refund, I ask you to please bear with us. Our staffing levels are at the absolute minimum to try and get us through this period. It may take a short while for you to see the funds on your accounts but as I have written, you will be refunded.

Please note that at the time of writing this message, the remaining members of the team are in lockdown and are having to work from home. If you are trying to call us, this is why we are not answering as our office is closed. You can reach us by email with this contact form.

It is a difficult time for everyone these days and it is hard to see anything positive. I hope that when this thing blows over and that you regain confidence to travel again, you will come back to Normandy.

Best wishes and good luck to us all!

Andy Sutherland
Bayeux Shuttle

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