Discover the Utah and Omaha sectors of the Normandy Landing Beaches

D-Day Normandy invasion map - which sectors does this tour cover?



  • Guided tour in English only
  • Maximum 15 passengers per tour
  • Lunch included
  • Informative, friendly and professional guide
  • Air-conditioned minivan
  • Fully narrated tour
  • Free onboard Wi-Fi
  • On board audio visual system
  • Free time at each stop to take photos
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What You Can Expect

A nine-hour trip packed full of information and anecdotes from our English speaking guide. On board, our GPS mapping system will show you where we are at all times and at key points, will display small movie clips related to the sites we pass and visit.

Once we arrive at the locations listed, we will leave the vehicle, and you will receive comprehensive explanations regarding the events that occurred, personal stories and much more. We also allow time for you to have a look around at your leisure to take photos.

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Check in for this tour is available from 07:45. Our booking office and coffee shop is the first port of call for your tour, and our team are happy to welcome you.

You can find our coffee shop located in the heart of Bayeux at 1, Rue Larcher. Located opposite the tourist office. We kindly ask you to come here to check in for your tour at least 20 minutes before.

Tour Itinerary

Once we have departed, we will make our way over to the American sector of the D-Day landing beaches. Listed below are the locations you will experience on this tour.

La Cambe - German Military Cemetery

La Cambe German Cemetery is the final resting place for over 21,000 axis soldiers who died during the battle of Normandy.

Situated just under 6 miles from where American forces landed on Omaha Beach, this cemetery is a stark reminder of the terrible price the Germans paid during the heavy fighting on D-day and the subsequent inland battles.


Please note that we stop here for 25 minutes. Rest rooms are available at this location. 


As we progress in to the heart of the American Paratrooper drop zones, we need to explain the significance of the small town of Carentan. This was the strategic link up point for forces landing at Utah and Omaha beaches. You will understand the geographic location of this town and why it was vitally important to the American forces.

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Please note that that this portion of the tour is delivered from within side the vehicle. We will show you multiple sites of interest; many of which were featured in the TV mini-series, "Band of Brothers."


Situated approximately 5 miles from Carentan, the small village of Angoville-Au-Plain witnessed heavy fighting between the German Paratroopers and American Paratroopers that dropped close by at dropzone D.

You will learn about the overall plan for the American forces on D-Day and then the heart warming story of two Airborne Medics. Kenneth Moore and Robert Wright displayed not only courage but also humanity during the desperate struggle to take this small area of Normandy.


Please note that we stop here for around 30 minutes. Restrooms are available at this location.

Sainte Marie Du Mont

We will take time to explain the significance of this beautiful small village. This was an objective for the 101st Airborne to help the forces landing on Utah Beach.


Please note that this part of the tour will be delivered inside the vehicle as we drive.

Brecourt Manor

Brecourt Manor has become famous thanks to the TV mini-series, "Band of Brothers". This location is featured in episode 2. American Paratroopers, under the command of Richard Winters, managed to silence a concelead German gun battery position that was firing at Utah Beach.

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Please note that we stop here for around 15 minutes.

Richard Winters - Leadership Monument

We will stop briefly to show you one of our favourite monuments in Normandy. Richard Winters was chosen to represent leadership due to his world wide fame from the TV mini-series, Band of Brothers.


Please note that this part of the tour will be delivered inside the vehicle as we drive.

Utah Beach

Utah beach was the code name given to the western most landing beach on D-Day.

The American 4th Division under the command of Theodore Roosevelt Jr were tasked with assaulting this section of the Normandy coastline. 

The planned landing point should have been around two kilometers further north but due to a number of factors, the Americans landed in the wrong location.


Please note that we stop here for 40 minutes. Rest rooms are available at this location. 

WN8 - German defensive position


We will stop and show you some German bunkers known in German as weiderstandsnest 8 (WN8). This is the location where men from the 4th Division should have landed on the morning of D-Day. 


Please note that this part of the tour will be delivered inside the vehicle as we drive.

Hedgerow Battles

As we drive, we will show you some of the typical hedgerow terrain that the allies had to battle through. 

We will explain how the Germans utilised the Norman countryside to their defensive advantage and how the allies overcame them.


Please note that this part of the tour will be delivered inside the vehicle as we drive.

Lunch stop (included in the price)

Just after midday, we will stop at our very own cafe located at the heart of the American parachute drop zones. As it is our own place, no time is wasted. We do not have to wait to be served as lunch is pre-ordered in advance. We prefer to give you more time at sites than waiting to be served in a restaurant.

This historic house has been transformed by the team at Bayeux Shuttle and you will be transported back in time. The rooms have been decorated in the style of the 1940's and are packed full of artifacts from the Normandy invasion. This house is exclusive to Bayeux Shuttle so you will have privileged access to this incredible house that was used by German soldiers during the occupation and American soldiers following the liberation of this area.

Lunch is included in the price of this tour and will consist of a large sandwich with a choice of fillings on a freshly baked French baguette. Potato chips, cold & hot drinks and snacks are also provided. Vegetarian and gluten free options are also available.

Please note that this stop will only be available from March until the end of October. At all other times, lunch will be served in our coffee shop in Bayeux.


Please note that we stop here for 45 minutes. Rest rooms are available at this location. 

Sainte Mere Eglise

This small Norman town was situated on the main N13 road that linked Cherbourg to Bayeux and Caen. This was the main route that both Germans and Americans would have to utlise to mobilise much needed equipment during the battle of Normandy.

Ste Mere Eglise was an objective for 82nd Airborne Paratroopers and has been made famous by the movie, The Longest Day. American Paratrooper John Steele was unfortunate to get caught on the church steeple during the drop.

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Please note that we stop here for 20 minutes. Rest rooms are available at this location. 

Pointe Du Hoc

During World War Two, the Nazis were in the process of building the Atlantik Wall; a series of fortifications from Norway to the border of France and Spain. Stretching for over 2000 miles, it was considered impregnable by the Nazi high command.

One such site was located at the Pointe Du Hoc in Normandy. Consisting of 6 long range gun positions and many other concrete bunkers, it posed a real threat to Allied shipping on D-Day.


Please note that we stop here for 60 minutes. Restrooms are available at this location. 

Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach has become synonymous to D-Day due to the horrific casualties the American forces suffered on the morning of June 6th, 1944.

The 4.2 miles of coastline that is now referred to as Omaha Beach was assaulted at 06:30 on D-Day morning by American Rangers, the 29th Infantry Division, and the 1st Infantry Division.


Please note that we stop here for 45 minutes. Restrooms are available at this location. 

Normandy American Cemetery and Visitor Centre

The Normandy American Cemetery covers 172 acres and is the final resting place for 9386 service men and women.

You will have sufficient time to explore the visitor center before taking the time to reflect in the cemetery .

Four woman, three Medal of Honor recipients, including Theodore Roosevelt Jr are some of the most notable people buried here.

The photo above is of Bayeux Shuttle guide, Lloyd Scott. Taken while conducting a tour of the American Cemetery.


Please note that we stop here for 60 minutes. Guided visit with around 45 minutes free time. Restrooms are available at this location. 

Things to consider

We want you to have a fantastic experience so please bear these in mind when preparing for your tour:

As this is a shared group tour, we have to respect the scheduling. We do not include museum visits but if you prefer to use the time to do so, no problem. If you do prefer to visit a museum, please note that you will have to forego the guided tour. 

The weather can be unpredictable in Normandy so dress in layers.
Please wear comfortable walking shoes.
Gratuities are welcomed.

One last thing!

If you decide to take a tour with us, we will be over the moon. However, even if you don't and decide to choose another company, we are still grateful. Without you, Normandy as a whole would suffer so thank you, thank you, thank you!