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Tour Departure Point

This is where you need to be to join our group tours

Bayeux Place de Quebec

This is the official departure point for all tours that depart from Bayeux. This has been designated by the city of Bayeux and at this location you will see a panel with all the names of companies that operate from here.

GPS Location

49.275601, -0.700619

Helpful hints!

The tour departure point is located very close to the Villa Lara 5 star hotel. If you can see the Villa Lara, you are almost there! Our vehicles are clearly marked with the Bayeux Shuttle logo so you will have no problem finding them.


Car Parking

This is the best location

Bayeux train station

Free parking is available at Bayeux train station. It is a leisurely 5-10 minute walk from here to the departure point.

GPS Location

49.269977, -0.696333

Helpful hint!

Although parking is free for 24 hours, you still need to take a ticket from a machine and display this in your wind shield.