An innovative approach to improving your tour experience

Bayeux Shuttle have re-invented the way tours are delivered by producing in house, a fantastic GPS tour system.

On board each vehicle, screens are fitted so all passengers can view their current location. This helps enormously to understand the geography of the sites we visit and pass. The location of the vehicle is plotted on the map in real time and is represented by the red bus icon you can see in the image below. You will also see the tour itinerary in the table which also corresponds to the number on the map. We have even shown you where you will be able to use the rest rooms!

GPS Mapping System

GPS Tour System - Map

Movies, commentary and much more

Our mapping system is great but we didn't want to stop there. We have also included stacks of content that will start automatically by GPS when we pass key points. The content has been produced in house to a professional standard.

A sneak preview of one of our on board movies

And it gets even better!

We really want to offer you the ultimate tour experience and for our 2016 season, the on board content is reaching new heights. The Bayeux Shuttle drone is currently out taking stunning aerial videos in high definition. Bayeux Shuttle clients will have stunning views of the battlefield sites that clients with other companies can only dream about.

A sneak preview from the Bayeux Shuttle drone

Forget the rest, just tour with us !

With our advanced technology and all the extra services we offer, our tours are light years ahead of any of other tour companies so we hope that you will decide to place your trust in us and book one of our guided tours.