13:45 Departure from Bayeux

Why visit Honfleur?

Come and discover the most typical and picturesque town in Normandy! A Military harbor during the hundred years war, Honfleur became a commercial harbor under Louis the 14th.

See the timber-framed houses dating back to the 17th around the old harbor.

Visit the famous Sainte-Catherine church: the biggest church in France made entirely of wood with a separate bell tower. This church was built at the end of the hundred years war by ship builders so the roves of both naves are made with the same techniques used for boat building.

In the Eugène Boudin museum admire the Claude Monet’s painting of Sainte Catherine’s bell tower and other beautiful masterpieces. Walk along the famous beach where Monet painted the very first impressionist painting, “Sunrise impression”.

Wander in the old streets and stop in some of the art galleries to admire the creations of local artists.