09:45 Departure from Bayeux

What You Can Expect

Once we arrive at the locations listed, we will leave the vehicle, and you will receive comprehensive explanations regarding the events that occurred, personal stories and much more. We also allow time for you to have a look around at your leisure to take photos.

Tour Itinerary

Once we have departed Bayeux, we will head off to the Canadian sector of the Normandy landings and show you the sites listed below:

Juno Beach

We will stop and show you locations where Canadian forces landed on D-Day. Known by the planners as Juno Beach, you will see remnants of German bunkers, understand the terrain that soldiers had to traverse and learn how they ultimately succeeded.

Please note that we stop here for 30 minutes.

Juno Beach Centre

No visit to Juno beach would be complete without spending time in the Juno centre. We will stop here to allow you to spend time in this incredible museum that pays homage to Canada's involvement in World War 2.


Please note that we stop here for 50 minutes. Entrance fee is not included in the price of the tour. Restrooms are available at this location. The guide will not accompany you during the visit.

Graye Sur Mer

The exit at Graye Sur Mer was used as one of the exit points by Canadian troops after finally overcoming the German defences. Here you will hear the story of 1 Charlie (shown in the photo above).

Please note that this portion of the tour will be delivered inside the vehicle.

Beny Sur Mer Canadian Cemetery

On our way back to Bayeux, we will stop and show you the Canadian cemetery at Beny Sur Mer. This is a fitting end to this short tour where you will be able to reflect on the loss suffered by Canada.


Please note that we stop here for 25 minutes.

Things to consider

We want you to have a fantastic experience so please bear these in mind when preparing for your tour:

The weather can be unpredictable in Normandy so dress in layers.
Please wear comfortable walking shoes.
Gratuities will be appreciated.

One last thing!

If you decide to take a tour with us, we will be over the moon. However, even if you don't and decide to choose another company, we are still grateful. Without you, Normandy as a whole would suffer so thank you, thank you, thank you!