Explore the Mont St Michel and jump the queues with a fast pass

The stunning Mont Saint Michel

... afternoon shuttle to the Mont St Michel




  • Maximum 15 passengers per shuttle
  • Informative, friendly and professional driver
  • Air-conditioned minivan
  • Free onboard Wi-Fi
  • Fast pass to beat the queues at the abbey
  • On board audio visual system
  • 3 hours free time to explore
  • Highly rated on TripAdvisor
  • Featured in the Rick Steve's travel book
  • Best value Mont St Michel shuttle in Normandy
  • No minimum number of clients

This is a very popular service and seats sell out fast. If you are thinking of booking, please don't leave it too late as you may miss out!

Shuttle Schedules - Operates from the 17th of April until the 29th of September

If you are planning to take a train back to Paris after the visit to Mont St Michel, we will happily drop you off at Bayeux Station. We will arrive at 19:40 and the next direct train to Paris will depart just after 20:00 (please check the SNCF website for the precise departure time). 20 minutes is more than enough time to connect with the train as Bayeux station is very small.

Added extras with Bayeux Shuttle!

As we drive to the Mont St Michel, our superb audio visual system will give commentary on the sites we pass and also a comprehensive explanation about the history of the Mont just before we arrive. Once we arrive, you are free to explore on your own with 3 hours of free time for the visit.

We want you to have a great experience so that is why we include a fast pass entrance ticket to the abbey at the Mont St Michel. Avoid the queues and have exclusive access; saving you time and the hassle of waiting in line!

Service Guarantee - no minimum amount of clients

Unlike many of the other group tour operators in Normandy, we offer a guarantee that all of our advertised services will run, regardless of how many clients are on board.

Whether we have 1 person or 15 people on board this tour, we guarantee that it will not be canceled!

Check in at our booking office & coffee shop

Check in for this tour is available from 07:45. Our booking office and coffee shop is the first port of call for your tour and our team will be happy to welcome you.

Our coffee shop is located at the heart of Bayeux at 1, Rue Larcher. This is just opposite the tourist office. We kindly request that you check in for this shuttle at least 20 minutes before departure.

Please note that our booking office is open from April through to the end of October. If your tour is during our winter season from November through to April, please meet the guide at the tour excursions point at Place De Quebec in the centre of Bayeux.

Why choose us?

There are many operators offering tours and shuttles to the Mont St Michel, so why should you choose us?

Some other operators offer guided tours
We don't because we feel it is not necessary. Free guided tours are already available at the abbey.

Some operators say they offer a detailed explanation at the Mont St Michel
Perhaps they do but we do too! The difference is we do it inside the vehicle as we are driving so you are not stood outside in the elements. As soon as we arrive, you are free to explore at your leisure. We don't feel it is necessary to waste any of your valuable time.

Other operators offer the service for the same price as Bayeux Shuttle
Yes, but are they offering you a fast pass entrance ticket to the abbey for the same price? We are! 

Things to consider

Please note that this is not a guided tour. Free guided tours are available from the abbey guides. Audio guides are available to rent in the abbey should you wish to conduct the visit on your own.

If you are concerned that you need a guided tour, please read the comments from a previous client:

"The shuttle to Mont ST. Michel is the answer to a perfect day trip! So nice to leave driving to someone else, and you can sit and relax, watch the short videos when you pass a town of interest or look up the town for more information with free onboard WiFi. Incredible value for the cost. It is just transportation to and from MSM, no tour guide. You do not need one!"

Read the full review on TripAdvisor

History of Mont St Michel

Come and hear about the famous legend of the archangel Saint Michel beating the devil on that rock in the middle of that bay. Imagine the knights in their armors defending Mont Saint Michel during the hundred years war. Share the life of the monks in the abbey and imagine them writing on parchments in the scriptorium. See the pilgrims walking bare feet through the bay in the quick sands…

Mont Saint Michel is one of the only places where the heritage of our French and European history can be visited all at once.

The abbey on very top of the rock is the earlier building started in 708 AD. Then the monastery and especially the “marvel” (including the most beautiful cloister in Europe) were constructed. Visiting the abbey which is a National Monument, brings you throughout all the different types of architectures from the 8th century to Renaissance.

Then you can wonder through the village and see some of the houses dating back to the 14th century while shopping.

Walk along the fortress and feel the determination of those soldiers in armor who had to fight the enemies from the ramparts.

Mont Saint Michel is the emblem of the evolution of the European society from the very early 8th century to the Renaissance time.

Coming to France and not seeing Le Mont Saint Michel would be like going to Egypt and not see the pyramids so hop on a Bayeux Shuttle bus and visit one of France's most impressive tourist destinations!