09:30 Departure from Bayeux (recommended departure time is 08:30 if staying in Bayeux)

... private guided tour of the Mont St Michel

What you can expect

Amandine, who is our specialist for cultural guided tours, will come and pick you up and guide you at this amazing location. As this is a private option, you can select the pick-up time and the pickup location that suits you.

Amandine is qualified to guide at the Mont St Michel as she has the required accreditation for guiding in French National Monuments. She loves the French culture and history and she cannot wait to share this with you!

You will discover many things about this incredible monument and you will also be given free time to shop and have lunch at your leisure.

History of Mont St Michel

Come and hear about the famous legend of the archangel Saint Michel beating the devil on that rock in the middle of that bay. Imagine the knights in their armors defending Mont Saint Michel during the hundred years war. Share the life of the monks in the abbey and imagine them writing on parchments in the scriptorium. See the pilgrims walking bare feet through the bay in the quick sands…

Mont Saint Michel is one of the only places where the heritage of our French and European history can be visited all at once.

The Abbey on the very top of the rock is the earliest building started in 708 AD. Then the monastery and especially the “marvel” (including the most beautiful cloister in Europe) were constructed. Visiting the abbey which is a National Monument, brings you throughout all the different types of architecture from the 8th century to Renaissance.

Then you can wonder through the village and see some of the houses dating back to the 14th century while shopping.

Walk along the fortress and feel the determination of those soldiers in armor who had to fight the enemies from the ramparts.

Mont Saint Michel is the emblem of the evolution of the European society from the very early 8th century to the Renaissance time.

Coming to France and not seeing Le Mont Saint Michel would be like going to Egypt and not see the pyramids so hop on a Bayeux Shuttle bus and visit one of France's most impressive tourist destinations!