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Mont St Michel Shuttle
Morning Service

08:30 departure from Bayeux
70 Per person
  • 3.5 Hours free time
  • Shuttle in English
  • Fast pass included
  • Free Wi-Fi


Mont St Michel Shuttle morning service

Our morning shuttle that departs from the centre of Bayeux, is a fast and convenient way to visit this incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site. Please note that this is not a guided tour. The service we offer is a shuttle only with a fast pass entrance ticket for the Abbey at Mont St Michel. Free guided tours are available in the Abbey and these are provided by the Abbey staff and not Bayeux Shuttle.

Come and hear about the famous legend of the Archangel Saint Michel beating the devil on that rock in the middle of that bay. Imagine the Knights in their armors defending Mont Saint-Michel during the hundred years war. Share the life of the monks in the abbey and imagine them writing on parchments in the scriptorium. See the pilgrims walking bare feet through the bay in the quicksands and much more!


  • Maximum of 15 clients per shuttle
  • Jump the queues with a fast pass (included)
  • 3 hours and 30 minutes of free time to take photos and explore
  • One way seats available (select when booking)
  • Rated number 1 on Tripadvisor - the worlds largest travel review site


Operates from November 1st until March 31st
Monday 08:30 - 15:45 Bayeux, Place de Quebec
Tuesday Does not operate
Wednesday 08:30 - 15:45 Bayeux, Place de Quebec
Thursday Does not operate
Friday 08:30 - 15:45 Bayeux, Place de Quebec
Saturday Does not operate
Sunday Does not operate

Shuttle timeline

  • Meeting pointWe recommend arriving by 08:20

    We kindly ask that you be at the tour departure point at Place De Quebec in Bayeux at least 10 minutes before the tour is due to depart.

  • Meeting pointDeparture time

    We like to run on time and if you are not at the departure point by the advertised departure time, we will depart. There will be others on board that have arrived on-time and we do not want to impact their experience. If you do arrive late, you will need to take a cab at your own expense to catch up with the tour. We strongly advise you to arrive early for the tour as no refunds will be considered if you miss the service.

  • Arrival timeMont St Michel

    Once we arrive, your driver will give you a fast pass entrance ticket and explain where you need to go.

    As this is only a shuttle service, we do not offer a guided tour. Free guided tours and paid audio tours are available at the Abbey.

  • Car park to the Mont St MichelFree shuttle bus

    As the car parks are situated quite a distance from the Mont, you will need to take a shuttle bus. These run every few minutes near from where we park and are free of charge. It takes about 5 minutes to get from the parking to the Mont.

  • Mont St Michel AbbeyFree guided tour

    A free guided tour of the Abbey will start at 11:00. The tour is delivered in English and is provided by the French National Monuments team. Please note that this is not provided by Bayeux Shuttle and if you are not at the Abbey in time, it will start without you. We suggest making your way to the Abbey first and then making your way back down afterwards. If you prefer not to have a guided tour, you can also hire audio guides. You can hire one at the sales desk as you enter the Abbey.


    Mont Saint Michel is one of the only places where the heritage of our French and European history can be visited all at once. The abbey on very top of the rock is the earlier building started in 708 AD. Then the monastery and in particular, the “Marvel” (including the most beautiful cloister in Europe) were constructed. Visiting the Abbey which is a National Monument, brings you throughout all the different types of architectures from the 8th century to Renaissance. Then you can wonder through the village and see some of the houses dating back to the 14th century while shopping.


    Walk along the fortress and feel the determination of those soldiers in armor who had to fight the enemies from the ramparts. Mont Saint Michel is the emblem of the evolution of the European society from the very early 8th century to the Renaissance time. Coming to France and not seeing Le Mont Saint Michel would be like going to Egypt and not see the pyramids!

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  • Meeting PointGet ready for departure

    We kindly request that all clients are back at the meeting point at 13:45.


    If you only wish to use our service one way, either from Bayeux to Mont St Michel or from Mont St Michel, no problem. We offer one-way seats for 45€ per person and you can select a one-way service when booking. If you are planning to use the service from Mont St Michel to Bayeux, please note that you will need to meet the guide at the information centre which is located in the main car parking area (see photo above). This is the building you will need to find to meet the guide. To help you find the guide, nearer the time of the shuttle, our system will send you a photo and their contact number.

  • Time to leaveShuttle Departs for Bayeux

    We have no doubt that you will be tired after your visit so sit back, relax and let us do the driving back to Bayeux.

  • Drop offBayeux Train Station

    If you wish to be dropped off directly at Bayeux train station, no problem. Simply inform the driver and you will be dropped off in good time to catch a train to Paris.

  • End of the shuttleBayeux

    We will finish the shuttle at the same location as we started.