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Booking train tickets

A simple guide

Paris St Lazare train station


Booking Train tickets

How to guide

If you are coming from Paris for a full D-Day tour in Normandy, our guided tour starting at Carentan train station is ideal. Our minivan will be waiting at the train station exit to coincide with the first arrival from Paris. (Please note that this information is for clients wishing to take the full day tour as a day trip from Paris. All other tours depart from Bayeux).

One issue that has become clear to us is the difficultly in purchasing tickets in advance. We know that our American clients like to book all their tickets in advance and the site that offers this facility can be confusing. Therefore, we have put together this step by step tutorial to help you secure your tickets in advance.

Rail Europe - Train Ticketing Site

Step 1

When you arrive at the site of Rail Europe, you will see the search panel at the top of the screen. Input Paris as the departure point and Carentan as the arrival point. Be sure to select the correct date for your journey and set the departure time as 07am. Next to the selection box where you have just entered the time, you will see an icon to add another trip. Click this and another row of selection boxes will appear.

In the new set of selection boxes, simply do the same as before but this time, enter Bayeux as the departure point and Paris as the arrival point. For the departure time, select 6pm. Once you have done this, click the SEARCH button.

Rail Europe - Train Ticketing Site

Step 2

The search results will now appear and you will see a list of trains that you can now reserve seats on. There are tabs at the top of the search results and you will see the second tab as the results for the Bayeux to Paris portion.

The trains that you will need to reserve to join our Normandy D-Day tour are:

07:07 from Paris St Lazare to Carentan

18:35 from Bayeux to Paris

We don't feel that it is necessary to go through the rest of the process with you as by now you should have a good grasp on how the site works.

We hope this small tutorial will allow you book your tickets and we look forward to seeing you in Normandy for your D-Day tour day trip from Paris!