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Created in 2012, Bayeux Shuttle started its life as a one man, one van tour company. In its second year, it grew to 4 vans with 5 employees. For the 2022 season, it will have a fleet of 15 vehicles and 15 employees. It has quickly grown to be one of the biggest and most respected tour companies in Normandy.

In just 10 years, it has become the number 2 ranked tour company in Normandy on the worlds largest travel review site, TripAdvisor and is featured in the Rick Steve's travel guide

We are honored to ‘carry the torch’ to ensure that Andy’s efforts for perfection will continue at Bayeux Shuttle.

Originally from Washington, DC, my name is Adrienne and I have owned and operated logistic companies in Normandy for over 20 years.

Raised in a military family, I understood at a very young age the personal obligation to pay respect to fallen military veterans through my visits to my family members lain to rest at Arlington Cemetery.

Having studied American history at the College of William and Mary, I am a strong advocate of teaching our past in order to better our future.

We are looking forward to continuing to create unforgettable touring experiences with Bayeux Shuttle..

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2013 Season

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We love our great team of people and we are sure you will too! From our front line staff to the unsung heros behind the scenes, these are the people that make Bayeux Shuttle tick!

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